Decrapifying gnome

I run kali linux on my laptop. I did a total reinstall yesterday, and I don't like the theme that now ships with kali. Both the top bar and bottom bar have a stupid gradient going on. Screenshot:

The top bar used to be solid black, and the bottom bar didn't exist. I would prefer if it was like this but I can't find the settings to change this. Screenshot:

I tried installing a different theme "Oxygenium" ( because I liked the looks of the preview, but it got worse. You can see in the screenshot the top bar is now light grey, and the font is white. Atrocious

Edit: I should mention that I've tried "Activities configuratior" and it does nothing. I should also note that the scrollbars are pretty thin, Ideally I'd like to revert that to normal width as well but it isn't absolutely required.

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What is under the appearance tab?

Also, can you not right click the bottom bar and remove it that way?

Thanks for replying!

Right clicking bottom bar did nothing. That IS how i got rid of it last time though.

I managed to get rid of the bottom bar at least. Apparently gnome uses it as a 'required' extension, so it ignores being disabled in gnome-tweak-tool. That is really really really terrible behavior. Info on how is here

Furthur updates! I have found a theme that sort of works

Unfortunately I can't change change my desktop background while simultaneously having GTK+ set to Adwaita

I don't want to change GTK+ to Obsidian 1, or in fact anything other than Adwaita because then window behavior starts to be broken

How did gnome get so broken in one year?

This might help you

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That happens because Firefox is not updating everything. Just restart it after changing theme.

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