Decisions. ITX - ATX, design & code

So I thought (as with alot of things) I was on the right track with a new build. Feel in love with the new Consair 250D (footprint / overall form factor) case and started picking ( after building I then started thinking about what I wanted to actually accomplish with the build. Which then left me with some decisions to make:

What I want to accomplish with this build:

  • Quick performance: Mostly for light video editing, photography, software / web development and designing. Then most importantly pretty good for gaming. 
  • Form Factor / Design: Wanted something small & compact. (Hence the 250D)
  • Option for OC: Newb to OC, but who doesn't like having the option.

Now with the list above I think I came up with a pretty good build (granted I don't have experience with the i7-4770k, but I would think it could handle my needs). Then I started researching / thinking about the future proofing and what eventually lead me to questioning my build (ie: screwing myself). As with most of these ITX builds your almost throwing future proofing out the window (IMO) because there is little you can add-on. Yes you can change said components, but lets face it your not going 'quad-wide' with SLI in one of these builds. That and your limited to processor, ie: I would love to have a i7-3930k but that isn't going to happen with any ITX (to my knowledge).

Basically I'm trying to get clarification on everyones thoughts on what technology I listed, and if it's worth building a ITX as a daily driver. Or should I just say screw form factor and go ATX, with the 3930.. Thanks in advance. 

I don't really care how big my rig is because I never have to move it around. So in my eyes you just limit yourself by going for a small form factor if you can fit a bigger system without problems anyways. You could always go Micro Atx and get the 3930k you wanted.

Something like this: its a little over what your original build was but you got the medium size of micro atx and got the 4930k :) If you have a budget we can work out a build for you :)

Trying to keep it under 2500 as much as possible, but if there is the option of getting a component that's better. I tend to sway on the side of getting the better components.

This thing would absolutely fly

I've got a Mini ITX rig and love it.  I never bothered to use multiple GPUs in my mid-tower rig, and having a portable pc for lan party uses is great.

For an ITX rig, most of your components are great.  For the programs you use, it seems that you only do light video and image editing.  The 4770k is plenty and I don't see the need for the 4930k.  The power supply is a bit overkill though, and you could do better:

So after thinking about it last night, Caveman looks to have planted the seed. (Ie: If you have the space, and it's not going mobile why not ATX) Soo.. That is indeed my case (and theory), that and if I'm dropping this amount of money now.. Why not future proof it a little? Current ATX build out:

So looking at that build, against my first post. I'm spending $500 more dollars on 1 a better processor, and two a board down the road I can add to. I do although lose having a smaller footprint. To me I think it outweighs the cons of smaller footprint.

That is indeed a stellar build.  Higher clocked RAM will help with video and photo rendering, so that may be something you want to consider.