Decent Laptop for $1000?

A friend I know asked me a few days ago what I thought about a laptop he was looking into buying.  I don't remember what it was exactly called, but it wasn't that good, so I offered to help him out and try to find some better laptops that would still be around the same price; which brings me here.  What would the best laptop(s) that he should look into?

Price: ~$1,000

Usage: He wants to be able to run CAD and Inventor well, and would like to be able to play decent/medium games at decent/medium graphics.

My question is, are there even laptops that would be able to do these things that are in his price range, and if so, which ones should he look into?


If your friend doesn't need good color reproduction, look into Lenovo's Y50

Asus' N550JK is a bit weaker on specs but has an excellent screen