Decent Keyboard for my gaming rig?

I am looking for a decent Keyboard, right now I am running on some old Dynex keyboard and would like something to game on. A few things you should know:

I need a mechanical keyboard,
I am a fan of Razor,
Has to have a NumPad,
And it can't be over $100.
Thanks for the feedback, excited to hear from you guys!

This is my build:

I decided to treat myself with a gift and ordered Das Keyboard 4 Pro .. it's not like you buy keyboards every year. I have been using my old $7 keyboard for at least 4 years now.

I know you want Razor, but there is a special offer on this in the UK:

I bought one, it's a really good keyboard. I got the brown switches. I'm guessing you can get it in the US for $100. I don't think its possible to get anything as good for the same value.

It's fully backlit. Macro keys and all the bells and whistles.

I would go with either a WADS CODE or Ducky Shine. Two of the highest quality and most mod friendly KBs out there. They are built to last so you will only have to buy once.

Buy quality and only buy once.

I would recommend the Filco Majestouch 2 but it is usually over 100. CM Storm are quite good. Avoid Crosair if you want an opinio.

I really like WASD stuff but I do not live in the US so it is majroly expensive for me. Shiuld be better for you.

The keyboard i use is over 100$ but you will not have to buy another one.

I have the ducky shine 3 and love it. it does not have macros though so if that's something you need be aware of that.

This is mine.

I'd advise watching Massdrop for a keyboard, but there are always the Coolermaster series which are usually quite nice, there is also the WASD keyboards if you want to customise your own.

Take a look at the Cougar 500k