Decent gaming build?

Hi I'm planning on building a gaming PC for around £350/$570.

Here are the parts chosen so far.

For some reason the RAM and graphics card isnt on there so:


Graphics Card- 

I'd like to be playing games like Planetside 2, tribes ascend and DOTA 2 on highish settings and was just wodering peoples views on the current build.


i only see one thing wrong with your build

and that one thing is you don't have a hard drive but you might have one laying around so maybe thats why you didnt add one to your cart

Yep I forgot to mention that I have a HDD and DVD drive laying around :)

I was also wondering if I should ditch the R4 and instead got for the NZXT source 210?

The case is up to you like if i was doing this build i would go with the cooler master HAF xb but thats just me the only thing you would have to worry about is space since you have the cooler master hyper 212 but i think that could fit in either the R4 or the NZXT source 210

I was looking at the Antec 1 case and was considering getting that and putting the money into a MSI 7770 graphics card but I'm not sure if the 212 Evo would fit in?

Which case

If you don't mind can you link it

Yeah it should fit in that case

But whats the point of a 7770 if you have the A10, it can't crossfire with it can it? And a cheaper case and more expensive Mobo could be a better way to manage the money. I like the Gigabyte Triton 180 or Rosewill Redhawk (it has usb 3 and is around 50$)

6670has drivers issues dont get it


Are there any alternatives for about £60?