Debian not prioritizing AMD card

I have a supermicro x8dte dual xeon x5650 board. I’ve been using the onboard matrox vga since install but recently threw an old radeon hd 5770 in it. The card is working to display graphics, but when it comes to phoronix, its only seeing the onboard matrox. is there a way to tell phoronix to use the gpu?

I’ve already tried to disable onboard vga through bios but that’s not an option. @wendell have you seen this before?

All AMD drivers are installed and current as far as I can tell.

Is there a option to select which GPU to boot from into the bios? Like selecting between onboard and off board VGA I think supermicro calls it.

nope, doesn’t even mention VGA in bios.

theoretically, if I uninstalled the on board vga driver, could that “reorder” the gpus??

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