Debate: Devils Canyon now? Or wait for Skylake?

So I'm thinking about building a new personal rig and debating waiting for Skylake v.s. buying into Devils Canyon.

What would be the benefits of waiting, or of Skylake in general.


Well your two options are going to be the i5-5675C and the i7-5775C
We already know that the only major improvement will on the iGPU side. Sure there is also power efficiency and possibly better OC potential but as far as IPC are concerned it will be pretty negligible until the next tock of Intel's cycle. I kind of got a feeling that the highest feasible OC even with a suitable amount of voltage will be around 4.4GHz. This of course is an assumption.
Are you willing to wait or is this a rig that will benefit if you start building as soon as possible?

Well if Intel stays true the new generation will cost the same as the last one there's no reason not to wait. @Theonewhoisdrunk is probably right about overclocking though.

Edit: nevermind i see the price went up, just stick with Devils Canyon.

Wait for Skylake. There's really no reason to invest into Broadwell / Devil's Canyon anymore for a few reasons.

  1. Intel waited waay too long to drop broadwell. There are some rumors that state that Skylake is allegedly going to be shown off at Gamescom 2015. Which i believe is in August.

  2. Skylake may have support for DDR4, there's really no point anymore of investing onto a new platform that doesn't have it. It's so close to being the norm. Mind you DDR4 is still pretty expensive. But once Skylake get's it that will be the start of DDR4 going down in price.

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I thought this was supposed to be the tock?

I can wait a little while, I was just planning out what it might cost to put together.

skylake isnt realy worth waiting for imo.
According to the allready leaked Z170 mobo´s, it seems like skylake isnt going to bring anything mindblowing to the table.
Other then usb 3.1 standard, and 4 more pci-e 3.0 lanes.

So in my opinnion not realy worth it.

The only positive thing i saw about skylake, is that intel decided to take the ivr off the chip again.

i say wait for them to change socket and buy xeon, they'll have ridiculous low prices.

I'd do that but Xeons with high enough clocks to work in gaming cost a significant amount more than a 4790K

for the moment
but lga 2011 (sandy) 8 core cost about $350
if you wait little bit more they'll go down to $100 or so once new socket comes out.

That architecture is almost 4 years old.

yeah but still can kick ass.

Those aren't Skylake processors those are Broadwell.

Skylake parts start with a 6.

The current Xeon 1231V3 is plenty fast for gaming and only a tad more than an i5....

Wait for Skylake. I mean it isn't a huge change and the parts won't be that much faster but it may drive Haswell/Broadwell down in price and you could go with one of those. Skylake will be both DDR3 and 4. IMO DDR4 isn't worth it yet. No real advantages.

Whoops, thanks for pointing that out.

i have never seen an intel cpu drop in price to be honnest.
check how much you still pay for a 3770k for example, allmost just as much, as wenn it came out.

Very true.

I meant more motherboards though. Z87 motherboards were cheaper after Z97 dropped.

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Skylake definitely not worth waiting for, the improvements are only in the IGPU and maybe better power efficiency, 4790k is the way to go now!