Debate! (Airflow)

Currently I'm debating on what type of fan setup I'm going to use for my case (CM HAF 912,) as of right now, I'm thinking of putting a 200mm in the front for intake, rear intake (120mm), side intake (120mm) and a top exaust (200mm), I'm planning to trap the hot air in the middle of the case so that the exaust can easily blow out all the hot air.

What do you guys and gals think? Is this a good idea, do you think you can map out a better one?



(Didn't know which section of the forums I should have posted this in so I just chose this one.)

If you have a proper case, and you have the bottom and front intakes pulling air in, and the rear and top exhausting , and the sides intaking you're all set.

The thing tht makes me feel iffy about using side panels as intakes is lack of a dust filter, if you can get one, sure, but usually I'd leave that as passive, but definately not as an exhaust.

As I've said, I have an CM HAF 912.

Need suggestions on fan placement still!

Keep the top exhaust. Warm air rises so the top is the best position. I'd go for a front intake and a rear exhaust. Not much point having a rear intake because the air will be being pulled straight out again seen as the top exhaust will be next to it.

How about the side?

The side panel is usually used for intake for your graphics card when OCing, Helps bring more air in, Try finding a dust filter attachment for a fan, of find a screen/filter and ghetto duct tape it on the inside of your case or something

If you really want a fan on the side use it as an exhaust, not an intake. This will cause a negative airflow which can be very useful as it means no hot air will ever hang around in the case.

Intake seems more reliable as Slimm said.