Dear Logan, Wendell, and the others at Tek Syndicate

With the recent events in mind, regarding the snooping that the NSA/USA has done to other countries, I think it will hurt the economy in the USA in the long run.

I would like to know what your opinion on this matter is?

The reason I am asking is because because President Hollande from France,  is talking about stopping the talks/negotiations with the USA, about the free-trade agreement they are working on.

Germany, especially Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) is pretty pissed about the (still allegedly) spying that NSA has done on her mobile phone. She called Obama directly to ask what the h*ll was going on.

There is a debate going on in the EU HQ in Brussels, and there seems to be a general consensus that friendly countries should not spy on each other. 


So in short if NSA/USA does not pull back (or at least stop getting caught) in regards to spy on "friendly" countries, it could have a negative outcome on commerce, and getting the economies of both EU, and USA back on track.


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Mark (a.k.a.:100RadsBar)



France has a president not a prime minister...... 

Fixed :)

"Free-trade" agreement lol. If a government is making "agreements" it certainly isn't free-trade.

Im French!!!   =P

 I currently live in France!! =P

I'm actually quite surprised when he got elected to hear how much he is for citizen privacy at least compared to President Sarkozy was. The Three Strikes plan that we had during Sarkozy's reign has been taken down(though it was due to how ineffective it was and how much it cost to run it).

If you do not know what the three strikes plan is:

In any case, when Hollande was running for president, he did mention a few times about bringing down the three strikes policy, which he actually did; though at the same time saying he will try to take a different form of "attack" against piracy, so we shall see how that goes.

Fun fact: Former-President Sarkozy is the first french  president to not be re-elected by the people for a second term. So that may give you an idea of what the french thought of him by the end of his first term.


Dude high five! So do I!


hollande au guignol de l'info... LOOOOL

C'est vrai, mais comme tous les politiciens. =P

Too true :)

In practical terms it certainly won't be free trade. But nonetheless that is the official label for it.

And to the others posting, please keep it in English, so that we all contribute to the discussion (without having to use google translate) :)