Deal Alert: 120 GB Kingston HyperX 3K for $75

This link is to an ebay auction from Adorama Camera. I've ordered from them several times and Qain and I shop at their physical store in NYC. It's legit: 

120 GB Kingston HyperX 3K for $75

Thanks to gnrl_kitty for letting me know about the deal. I'm grabbing one.

Only one problem..... They don't ship to France Logan!

I too can vouch for this drive. I use it as my primary OS and application drive. It's stupid fast for the price.

My boot times from pressing the button to the desktop is 15-20seconds Not even enough time to go grab my water bottle from the kitchen fast.

Damn, I bought 2 of these 1.5 weeks ago at $90. This makes me sad.

Fantastic drive, my laptop boots in seconds, but no one can argue with wanting things to be even cheaper than they bought them for.

Time for North Americans to open their hearts and forward on some of these deals. I would nearly buy a couple of these if they shipped.

I can grab a few and ship them out if everyone is willing to pay shipping... Also, we will probably need to use paypal. 

what are the read write speed on these im at school so i kinda can't get onto the ling



Got one!

Would only be beneficial if shipping costs are less than 25 USD, and shipment is uninsured.


compared to:

Problems also include the fact that there is a mandatory 2 year full product warranty in the EU, whereas only 12 months of that are partially covered by the US limited product warranty. The importer would assume the liability for the mandatory product warranty. You cannot exonerate yourself from the mandatory product warranty, unless you would be supplying a professional buyer, which would bring along other administrative difficulties.

It's a very generous offer to the community, in fact, I respectfully salute you for it from a human perspective, but I would strongly advise against it.

40$ shipping :'(

I just checked the read and write speed on a different site i was wondering if anyone had any experience with fujitsu ssd's they look great for the price but I'm not sure what the actual quality of the product is like heres a link (sorry about the site i'm australian hould end up being round $100 in US)

I was going to wait until Black Friday...

Guess not.  Thanks for the heads up.  First SSD, excited :D.

Price is back up @ $100 bucks now.