Dead SSD and shit

My crucial M4 kicked the bucket. It has a three year warranty so I'm covered. But since i got it a while ago when SSD's where expensive as fuck. So my question is, will i be able to get my money back and just by an equal SSD for a lot less? 


Usually no, warranties only cover the product for replacement and if the product is no longer available, a similar product.

Ok, thanks :) 


If your M4 has died because of the 5200 hour bug that was fixed with a firmware update, there still may be hope of fixing it.

If this is the case you'll need to reinstall older firmware "000f" then update to the latest "070H"

Otherwise you can chat to support on their website about RMA and they will sort it out suprisingly quickly from my experience over the years.

How would I go about doing that? 

When I try booting it just tells me that I have to select a boot device via the bios. But the bios can only detect my external drive and my CD drive. 

Do you know which firmware your M4 is running? It'll be written on the retail box (if you have it) granted you are still running the original firmware?

To do a non-assisted firmware update you'll need to create either bootable media or a bootable USB with the boot file on it (firmware).

You can download 000f firmware here

The lastest firmware 070H can be found here

Check out this crucial guide if you're unsure about making bootable media/devices.

Before trying to initialize your M4 firmware make sure you disconnect any other system SSD/HDDs and any USB storage drives as this will usually cause issues finding the device.


It depends on the country that you are from.

In Australia we have very good laws for this.


Sweden. But I bought it in america when I was on holiday there. I'm not home at the moment but I will have to try that when I get back. Will I lose all my data? 

Will I lose all my data?

I've never lost any data from SSD firmware updates. Hopefully you have backups.

If you RMA your SSD, Crucial will secure-erase the drive.