DDR5 motherboards

Was just talking PCs with a dude at work and this subject came up.

When are we going to get DDR5 motherboards?

Does anyone know when this is going to be a thing (roughly)?

Searching on the topic finds some news articles from H1 2017 saying it will be out the end of 2018. This clearly now seems like pissing in the wind speculation.

2021 at the earliest for AMD, based on when AM4 is no longer the primary socket for mainstream ryzen

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That or 2020 is probably a good estimate.

Then it would be late 2020 at best, since AM4 is still the socket for 2020 AFAIK

Didn’t some company claim they had a working DDR5 sample?


Yeah not for a while till they are actually you know… Existing.

Intel will be the first mainstream thing with them. Probably make another 12 market segments fjust for it. Then AMD will bring it to the masses.

We have them already technically. They’re in server space atm.

Link please. They should be able to be bought then. I have not seen anything beyond, we have a working sample.

I don’t think they are.

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That doesn’t mean am4 will be the flagship until then, though; only that it’s supported, correct?


Pretty sure theres something in power?

Or maybe I’m just thinking of pcie 4

That’s probably it.

Neither power nor Intel supports DDR5 atm.

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DDR5 forecast



@anon46267848 Thanks for the information.

16GB per chip?
so our new mainboards will have these as RAM slots?

TechPowerUp heard your plea:

TLDR - 2020

Looks like we’ll see DDR5 on the next generation of POWER, from HPCWire:

With Power10 bringing in DDR5, IBM expects to surpass 435 GB/s sustained memory bandwidth.

That’s when they also plan to add PCIe 5; although with IBM’s talk of replacing their memory-buffering system with OpenCAPI, who knows what that arrangement will look like.

I remember reading something that CCIX or GenZ might be planning something similar.

Maybe we will see less direct-attached DDR_ memory in the future?

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