DDR4 uneven contacts

Has anyone else noticed ddr4 modules have uneven contacts? They are deeper in the center on at least the model I'm working with right now. I'll try to get a picture uploaded but my work's internet is atrocious, I may have to wait until I get home.

Do you think the manufacturer(s) decided to do this to differentiate between older generations? Or to help with seating?

The notches on them for keying is already different, I think the stick you got may just be warped.

no every stick in the 4x4gb kit is this way, I'll get a picture up for you, give me a few minutes

I suppose it is, need a large picture to really see it though

Maybe it's to make them easier to insert in to the slot and get seated correctly.

yeah that's what I'm seeing. Teksyndicate forum won't let me upload larger than 700kb, what image storage place do people like?



So yeah I'm wondering what influenced this design. I'll have to do a little research when I get home if someone doesn't know off hand.

They may have done that because of DDR5 implementation in the future. It may require only a few extra pins to get more bandwidth out of the modules. This of course if we haven't switched over to High bandwidth memory before then on a 512 GB bus.

Woah, that is NEAT.

Maybe @Wendell can show us the way

iiiiiiinteresting, IIIIIIIIIINTERESTING.

I can't even find any solid answers on google or wikipedia. I do hope Wendell sees the tag.

edit> I found an article by corsair that says it is to aid installation, which was my first thought when I saw it. Maybe it'll help prevent people from not seating the memory all the way, causing shorts and such.