DDR3 Price drop possibilities

Hi guys, first post so please be gentle. Just wondering what everyone thinks about the likelihood of DDR3 ram dropping in price?

I have been running 8GB ram for a while now and want to start working with some VM's to try linux and learn a bit of coding in my spare time, and have been eyeing an upgrade to 16GB ram to help with that. I have the money right now for the upgrade, but I'm also a pretty patient guy so I don't mind waiting for a while to get a significantly better deal. Do you think now that Skylake is out and DD4 is going to become more prevalent there will drops in DD3 prices in the near future or is that way further down line?

Right now is probably as good as its going to get, if not a slight drop over the next 6 months.

I was thinking the same actually. I will probably put it off till september just to see

I agree, you can get an 8GB stick for around £30 in the UK which is really cheap imo

It may drop in price ever so slightly in the coming months, but not a drastic decrease.

I also have 8gb and looking to 16gb pretty soon... so here's hoping what I just said above is wrong and there will be good prices soon. But reality can be mean sometimes...

It would be nice if there was a price drop?! I'm in need of some ram for my next build (which is a low end/low cost AMD build.)

There might be a slight prive drop in the coming months, however overall the price will likely start to climb as manufacturers stop producing DDR3 and move to DDR4.

I hadn't considered that actually. You have a really good point, I think the sweet spot will be somewhere around november to december and then prices will either stabilize or climb.

More than likely the sweet spot will be then. I only brought this up because it happened with the switch from DDR2 to DDR3.

DDR3 has allready droped to the same as before the Hynix DRAM factory shut after it had a fire i dubt it will get any lower.

i agree.
i dont think that DDR3 will be going to get much cheaper then it is right now.
They might even get more expensive in time.

I was looking around online stores here in Oz and actually found a great deal on a 16GB kit. I'll probably sleep on it and pull the trigger tomorrow morning. Lemme know what you think guys http://www.msy.com.au/vic/malvern/desktop-ram/13324--kingston-hyperx-fury-blue-hx316c10fk2-16-16g-kit-4gx2-ddr3-1600mhz-desktop-ram.html

After the factory fire and flooding ram and hdds haven't gone down as far as they were. Think they found out the could get away with charging more and did.

No there about the same now you can get a 8gb kit of ddr3 1600 or 1866 for around £45 now that the same i payed before the fire for a 8gb kit of vengeance sticks.

yep. tried buying ddr2 lately? ; )

Thankfully have a large stash of it, however the number of system I administrate or run that have DDR2 are in the single digits now.