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DDOS security


Hey guys, I was testing a ddos attack with someone I know. The test was a ddos test through a VPN (PIA). So what I did was give him my VPN address and then he proceeded to ddos me. And it worked as I expected. But then I turned the VPN off around an hour later he proceeded to send another attack and it booted me offline with my VPN not on. Can anyone explain/figure out how exactly this is possible?



Hello new person. My guess is you leaked your real IP address.

Not very wise inviting an attack on 3rd party VPN companies I’d say.



Well since you were actively engaging in an effort to PIA services with a DDOS, you are violating their TOS.

Note you are not a victim since you consented to the malicious use against PIA services. Be careful, if they found out they would end your contract.

As far as if it is secure, AFAIK PIA does not leak information. Although it is possible it may have leaked, since the person was your ‘frind’ I assume its possible he had existing knowledge about your region and could ascertain your IP based of your area.

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DNS leak maybe.



Most likely.



Okay, well thanks for the information. Do you know anyways to be more secure with DNS leaks?



There is a prevent dns leak option with the PIA client.