Ddccontrol, automatic display input switch

I recently found the great utility ddccontrol - which can control different monitor parameters.
My monitor does not have automatic input selection - so, simply turning off the primary input source does no work in my case.
So, I have used it to automatically switch input-source when starting my VFIO Linux VM’s - and switch back when I am done :slight_smile:

A walk-through for my Dell U2713HM can be found here: https://glemsomtechs.blogspot.com/2018/07/ddccontrol-automatic-change-display.html

i2c addresses and etc. will need to be changed for other monitors of-course.

here’s a full guide that includes a tool to do so if anyone’s interested:

I recently discovered this too from this thread.

I wrote a script to toggle between inputs, which I mapped to a keyboard shortcut. Means I don’t have to fiddle with the monitor buttons now :+1:

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