DD-WRT vs pfSense

Hey Logan and the Tek Syndicate fourms,

I saw the pfSense video and it's definitely an awesome alternative to buying a router. I was wondering if DD-WRT would be better than pfSense or vice versa and what are the differences/pros/cons of both of them?

Thanks for your help!


I don't think that question is very easy to answer, in that sense that it depends on the use case scenario, like which hardware (is my router that I already might have maybe flashable with this or that, am I running a PC as router because I don't have one), and what degree of performance one might require from the router. There are also other solutions besides DD-WRT or pfSense that do a pretty good job. There are multiple options, and there is a solution for everyone, is about the correct answer in my opinion, although that's not really an answer at all, isn't it?

I agree with Zoltan. Also, is wireless going to be included? If you're using wireless, then I would go with DD-WRT over pfsense, unless you have a very, very good wireless card in your PFSense PC.

If you won't benefit from using a full blown solution such as pfSense and your current router is powerful enough and has all the features you require. Then flashing it with dd-wrt maybe an option.

But don't think that these are the only options. Untangle, Smoothwall, m0n0wall (seriously the list is huge) You just need to determine what has the features that you require and if it will work best for you in your environment. Basically what Zoltan said.

#1: OpenWRT, #2: pfsense, #3: Tomato, #4: DD-WRT