DCUII vs Toxic R9 280X

Okey I am buying the R9 280X soon, and I am wondering If I should get the Sapphire Toxic or the Asus Direct CUII, they are the same price in Norway. I like Asus in general for their products, and was thinking of geting their version, but seeing the Toxic from Sapphire I am unsure what to get for the best performance and cooling, I have room in my case for the Toxic, since it's a full tower case ( Cooler master Storm Trooper). And would I need to upgrade my PSU? I have a Corsair CX500 now, I am thinking of upgrading but will I need to do it before I get the card, My full build is on my profile.

*Edit: I am most likely going to Xfire it, this will be after I have upgraded my PSU if I don't need to do it before I buy the first card.


R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 : https://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/R9280XDC2T3GD5/#specifications

GPU Base Clock : 970 MHz (Boost Clock : 1070 MHz)

up to 300W additional 6+8 pin PCIe power required


SAPPHIRE TOXIC R9 280X 3GB GDDR5 : http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/product_index.aspx?pid=2023&lid=1

Accessory : 8-PIN to 4 PIN x2 Power Cable

GPU Core Clock : 1100 MHz (Boost Clock : 1150 MHz)



- both have  the same memory... the TOXIC seems to have higher GPU clock speeds but from the Accesory list i think the card will need 2 x 8 pin PCIe power required while the DIRECT CU2 has only 6+8 pin PCIe power required.

- price in my country : TOXIC : 464 $   |   DIRECT CU2 : 424 $

- i would love to see a version of the card with a very good cooling solution (closed liquid loop maybe ?!) and 6 GB of memory ! With the new generation of consoles... games will require much more VRAM for textures and stuff... so 6 GB should be good for the next 5 years.  ( GTA IV - PC ate almost 2 GB VRAM on the last generation... ) ... soooooo , there is that to take into consideration. ( http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?pid=1497 )


That is my point of thinking.... i can't buy video cards every year... so i must buy one to keep up at-least for the next 3 years... if you have the cash buy what ever you want if next year you can afford to buy a better one.

The toxic is 'currently' king of the 280x gpus it allso use's more power (thats why it needs x2 8pin pcie conectors)


The Toxic looks realy sexy yes :) if they are on the same price i would go for it ☺

Great cooling solutions, but also the highest  stock clocked card.

Okey, but will both Gpu's have about the same tempratures under load or will the Toxic be hotter because of the higher core clock? and will I need to upgrade my PSU now or later?

well a 500W could do the job, but you dont have head room to overclock the system. i would recommend if you can afford it now, to upgrade the psu, the corsair CX builders series are not the best build quality psu´s.

If you planning on crossfire them in the future i would say trow in a 850W XFX pro  or corair HX850W. Lepa or seasonic are offcourse also good brands.

you would need to wait for people to post videos of the cards being tested... as for the PSU , if you have 2x8 PIC power connectors you should be fine.

Okey and it is compatible with the Toxic as far as connectors go? and as far as oc'ing I won't need it now. And I am most likely going to crossfire it later on, what PSU would I need to do that, I am looking at the RM750 from Corsair as an upgrade is that sufficient or would I need to buy the RM850?

well if you wanne go with a toxic that uses a bit more power on full load arround 290W then i would recommend a  RM850 just to have a bit of headroom. wenn you gonne crosfire them.

if you go for a Msi R9-280X or the Asus  they use abit less power on stock clock, arround 250W on full load. then you would also be fine with a 750W.

Okey I am going with the R9 280X Toxic.

Well both a great psu´s, the HX is a littlebit cheaper. but i think the RM850 could maybe a little bit more silent, if im right Logan reviewed the RM850W.


Yeah I have seen it, and it is probably why I am choosing the RM850, and the RM850 is actually a little bit cheaper here.


Lol okay  then deffanetly go for the RM. or XFX 850W pro gold, is also something to concider. (wenn its cheaper)

Okey this is my last question. Since I am not upgrading the PSU now if not necessary is my CX500 compatible when it comes to connectors?

Thanks for the replies and help everyone. I appreciate it

The CX500 has 2 4+4 pcie connectors (basicly 2 8pins when you add them together) so you have enough connectors.

there wil also converter cables included with a Radeon card.

Okey thanks :)