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Davinci Resolve on 8GM of system RAM

Has anyone ever got Davinci Resolve to run on 8GB of system RAM?

I feel like I’ve tried everything and it just crashes after a minute or so.

I used video editing software back in the day, in the 32 bit days and my experience is that these programs run slower, but they shouldn’t crash entirely with less memory.

At idle, the system only uses 1.1 GB of RAM and has a large page file. The graphics card has the 2GB recommended VRAM.

Any idea’s about this problem are greatly appreciated. The laptop I’m using has 16GB RAM, and the software runes on it. But the desktop I have has more cores and is faster overall, so I’d prefer to use it instead of the laptop.

Thanks everyone!

It will run on 8GB, but you need more for just about any project.

Well, it just crashes after 1 minute or so after opening a project on this HP machine I’m using. I have no idea why it’s doing that instead of just running more slowly, as you might expect.

I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times and decreasing the base memory available to the application, in preferences. Maybe it’s a problem with the computer itself.

Could be, but all the recommendations I see say to use at least 16GB for 1080p projects and 32 and up for 4K.
Another stick of 8GB wouldn’t hurt.
If it still crashes then you know it’s not the ram.

Well, if I had access to more memory I wouldn’t ask, lol :-).

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Is it DDR3 or 4? RAM is pretty cheap these days…

3, but no budget remaining for more RAM, unfortunately. :-/

$20? It’s REALLY cheap now.

Not in the budget, and it’s not even my computer I’m just using it till I can get my Xeon machine running again. So I probably couldn’t upgrade it if I had the extra funds.

I am running on Intel Core i5 5300U, 8GB RAM,128GB SSD and 4GB VRAM, working very well

For 720p?