Davinci Resolve 14 vs. Premiere Pro

So I was just looking at some benchmarks of the new iMac 2017 just cause I had nothing better to do, and Davinci Resolve 14 was absolutely crushing Premiere Pro at rendering 4K clips. Has anyone else here used Resolve recently on Windows? Because if the same performance benefits are seen on Windows, then I'm switching from Premiere. It's just so bad at utilizing several cores.

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I have tried davinci resolve on linux with a fx 8320 and gtx 680 and i was impressed. But i was trying it with 1080p 60 frames clips.

Now i have my ryzen r7 1700 chip and my rx 580 8gb vram and when i get the time i am going to test it on windows with my pci pass-trough setup :grin:

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Good to see someone else who watches Max Yuryev's channel. Anyway, I suggest you try it out yourself. The free version has a few limitations compared to the studio version like, no multi user collaboration, and you can only output at a max of 3840 x 2160. Anyway try it out. Resolve 14


Davinci Resolve has been a real eye opener for me. I have yet to find anything as capable both in terms of productivity and hardware utilization. I'm using Ryzen R7-1700X and 2 Fury-X gpus. Resolve will use one of the gpus for display and the other for OpenCL tasks. I had no idea how powerful it was until I started playing with it after they released the version 14 public beta. I've enjoyed learning it and found many youtube sources for tips and tricks. I did have an issue with my overclock being just a bit too high with resolve. I was running 4 ghz stable with everything including burn in tests and benchmark stability tests but resolve was just doing something extra that those others weren't. I had to set it back to 3.95 ghz and everything was stable again. I'd definitely recommend 32GB of 3200mhz ram on the Ryzen system with the 4 dimms not just 2x16. I know the Crosshair 6 Hero from Asus has it working well now because that's the board I'm using. Bios version 1401 with agesa makes it stable and good timings.

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What OS are you running?

Windows 10 Pro

I'm probably going to upgrade to a 1700 eventually and pair it with some 3200 MHz RAM. The new Asus Strix board looks pretty appealing too. I don't want to spend as much for the Crosshair.

I have the Prime X370 Pro and it is a very solid board. I would guess the Strix boards will be based on that.