Dark/ Depressing Melo Death Metal

Does Atmospheric/Progressive Melodic Blackened Death from the Netherlands count?

this leans more towards the Death Metal end of the spectrum but the melodic influences are there and it's pretty dark imo especially the subject matter. one of my favorite bands and here's a song from my favorite album, hint hint it's about heroin.

less growly more melody

the whole album is gold

I like it, reminds me a bit of Bloodshot Dawn.

hail Peter Tagtgren, hes gone through 4 divorces over his band I think? (might be 3 idk) Hypocrisy is his love child and it shows.


It’s the inherent dignity in "Virus" that affirms why Hypocrisy continues to impact today’s extreme metal scene even after more than a decade of existence.

Epicness begins at 1.28

Thank me later

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Surprised that nobody has linked this yet.

Also, bump because dark metal is great, and melodic death metal is also great.

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