Dark/ Depressing Melo Death Metal

Just a thread to find more bands like these, dark depressing, gothic, melodic death metal.


Post some links if you know more bands

Tagging known metalheads @Kat @SoulFallen @Alamar @strykerzr350


Wish I could help out. Melodic stuff is one of the sub-genres that I don't really enjoy. If someone finds a "melodic" band that I actually like, I'll mail them a dollar though.


What don't you like about it?

Few I forget to mention.

This is a great question that I've asked myself several times before lol. I think it centers around the guitar and vocals mainly. I come from a guitar background. Before I really dove down the metal rabbit hole, I was listening to the rock virtuosos like Joe Satriani, Shawn Lane, Steve Morse, Tony MacAlpine, etc and that type of music is still one of my favorites. Guitar riffs, grooves, and the sound of the guitar itself (i.e. how musician's dial in their tone) is the most important thing to me in any metal/rock music, and I guess I just find the "melodic" stuff to be a bit boring on that side of things. I would say that it has something to do with the tempo used by a lot of melodic bands as well, but I really dig a ton of doom metal bands that play slower than a lot of melodic bands, so it must just be the chord progressions used in a lot of melodic stuff. If I can't nod (or bang) my head to it, I just can't seem to get into it. I think that's what it all boils down to. /shrug

Obviously this is what you need


actual suggestions

Early at the gates was very melancholy and almost black metal in nature, i find the ending very powerful in this one.
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Don't forget Ne Obliviscaris' Citadel

Souldrainer is a good underground melodeath band, very gloomy

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I think you mean, Forget not.
see what i did there?

Rapture is pretty good as far as this goes. Songs for the Withering is the only album of theirs I own, though. Daylight Dies puts on a really good live show, but I haven't gone back and listened to them much. I've liked what I heard so far, though.



Cold Insight

Dawn of tears, so underrated it's insane.

@Ethereal i've left you plenty of homework to do.

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You hit all of my main melodeath bands, so I can't help you much there, but here are some other bands you might be interested in.

Black Sun Aeon
Dawn of Solace
Deafheaven (really good imo)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (melodeath)
Hour of Penance
Sulphur Aeon

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I can't believe I forgot to mention Persefone. Spiritual Migration is an amazing album.

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Old Katatonia

Also possibly October Tide

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  • Already a fan of Ne Obliviscaris (@anon59440203)
  • I'm liking Soulfallen, I like the death growl+higher pitched vocals, nice dynamic there
  • At the Gates is meh, vocals are poo IMO
  • Souldrainer is meh, vocals are rough
  • Lunarsea I'm liking alot, dark but powerful
  • Satariel is pretty good
  • Cold Insight is pretty good
  • Dawn of Tears is good, very dynamic vocals
  • Zonaria is alright


  • what even is this? lol


  • The Foreshadowing is okay
  • Ghost Brigade very good, like this alot
  • My Dying Bride already a fan of these guys, really good stuff


  • Katatonia is just okay
  • October Tide is pretty good

How dare you.