DAC with mic input

Been keeping an eye out for a good DAC that also has an input for analog MIC’s.

This one from burson looks interesting and fits in a 5¼” bay if you have one.

Anybody have experience with one of these? Or any alternative recommendations?

The point of an external DAC is to be not in the case.


The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is popular with a lot of people.

While I do not have hands on experience with the 2i2, the 18i8 is a super nice to use device.

Good thing they never specified that they wanted an external DAC, just a good one with analog mic input.

So as to actually add to this topic too, basically any musicians instrument interface. Can be as small as one input and one out but can also go up to double digit inputs and multiple different outs. So instead of limiting in yourself to PC stuff strictly (not sure if you have explored the music production end) you can have a much larger range to browse. Unfortunately musicians tend to pay an premium for various marketing buzzwords so keepnyour wits about you

Important note regarding these Scarletts

2nd gen increased them from 24bit 96kHz to 192kHz
Secondly, driver support is excellent, and there is beta site too

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yes that would be an interface, just look for any interface with decent preamps.
DAC fundamentally doesn’t work for mic input, that is ADC (pedantic, I know, but the “audiophile” bullcrap makes this confusing).
preamps have more of a sonic impact with low end interfaces than converters do.
if you’re recording anything other than sound effects or ultrasonic material, don’t worry about anything higher than 48khz. recording higher sample rates and oversampling both have uses, but it is mostly in the realm of animal research, sound effects manipulation (stretching time and freq), and metering to meet distribution requirements (“true peak”).
if you just want a stereo dac with a mic input, you’re looking for a basic interface.
48khz/24-bit, 1 mic level input, 2 line level outputs. there is no benefit to having something connected internally other than convenience factor, unless you need some specific dsp (you’ll know if you do). some decent brands are MOTU, RME, focusrite, and presonus. generally avoid anything labeled “audiophile,” because it means you are overpaying for not knowing better.

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When you have specific specs you are looking for, searching for equipment becomes a lot easier.