D&D Neverwinter Guild: The Fractured Syndicate

I am working on Building the Dungeons And Dragons Neverwinter Guild. i originally thought to name it The Tek Syndicate but was advised that there would be all kinds of issues that might crop up from that. I am also a mod/admin for an Gaming group that usually specializes in Arma 3 but also has a selection that play MMOs and we are also working to build a Neverwinter group there. I thought, why not merge the two groups?

Merge Tek Syndicate and Fractured-Gaming into The Fractured Syndicate for Neverwinter. what do you guys think and are you interested in joining the guild on Neverwinter? The latest expansion dropped with a custom quest line written by R.A Salvatore for Neverwinter. As the writer has stated in an interview, the different areas and characters in Neverwinter look/feel like he described them in his books.

Are you interested in joining the guild? Drop me a PM and we will meet up to register the guild. I need a full party to register it. Guild Name Subject to change.

I just made a couple dudes

well, I would have to un-earth my characters. I stopped playing after an update prevented me from logging in. I decided to give it some time. Ill have to log in sometime today.

I hear it was pay to win at the higher lvls, pvp anyway. What has been your experience with the cash shop on there, I don't mind spending a little bit of money but is it pay to win or not really?

it is NOT pay2win

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Well then I may have to look into it again. I played a few hours of it back when it came out. I liked it but at the time I only had a laptop that couldn't handle it well.

what are your in-game names? @KuramaKitsune @MFZuul

KuramaKitsun My lvl 10 scourge warlock
KuramaKitsune my lvl 6 control wizard

I seem to enjoy the scourge warlock better
But honestly I don't have enough time to make a fair opinion yet

Around this time of month my workplace is super slow so I took that opportunity to play some video games generally only things that are slow enough that I can drop or pause in case customers do decide to come in

guess they deleted my character, I'll have to make one

To add you as a friend I need your [email protected] In otherwords handle is KuramaKitsune.

loominghawk @keyleth hutinghawk

@looming-hawk @KuramaKitsune @MFZuul

I need your character name and your profile name to look you up.

Example being mine: Johnny [email protected]

steam user name is looming_hawk

lemmi see here.,.,,.

im online so just invite me

cant even send a friend req till i hit lvl15

guess i just need to sit here and do some more storyline

buuut fallout dlc is outs..... aaahhhhh

sorry man, ive gotten sucked into fallouts new dlc and warframes new updates
and havnt been playing neverwinter
too casually playing lol
itll happen eventually

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same for me, sept its warhammer TW... game is a time sink