Cyberpunk 2077 - Handheld Edition

What are we looking at?

This is the PiBoy DMG “Experimental Pi”

This is not a review unit – it was a gift (much appreciated!)

It’s a “case” for a Raspberry Pi! It has internals to handle Pi 3b, Pi 4b or Pi Zero.

The “case” includes a PCB and a 640x480 LCD. The LCD doesn’t use one of the
normal display outputs, so it can be a bit weird, but the display is supported in
the Pi community. More about that is available on the ExperimentalPi site.

The PCB is really awesome. It includes:
* Soft shutdown circuit (clean shutdown of the pi!)
* LiPo battery interface & charging Circuit
* LCD Brightness Control
* Analog Audio, Mic Jack and Volume Control
* SDCard Extension Ribbon (makes SD accessible w/o disassembly)

The RPI (4b, in my case) ports are still accessible on the top of the device.

On the bottom of the device is USB micro b power/usb input, headphones and volume control.

Can it run Doom?

It’s just a RaspberryPi! So yes, along with a lot of other things.

Obviously, Retro gaming is cool. And there are infinity many facilities, for now, to play your old retro games on this type of setup. One stop for all your old games. That’s fun, but I’ve got more in mind.

Steam Link!? But Steam link is really cool too!

RaspberryPi, Remember.

Out of the box, it was tricky to get both mouse control (paried bluetooth trackball) and “controller” support working simultaneously. There are work-arounds for how you launch games via steam to keep keyboard input enabled. I
was a bit disappointed this didn’t work out of the box on “Firmware 1.03” from the ExperimentalPi folks, but not too much of a pain to get it working.

Otherwise SteamLink works perfectly from initial setup. Pair your PiBoy with Steam on your desktop computer, then you get BigPicture and that’s prettymuch it.

Build Quality

The build quality is surprisingly good in the plastic case, the lcd and how all the parts fit. Check out the video for more detail. The fan is easily the worst part about the system. It is not great. I might replace it with a big heatsink that sticks through the label cutout on the back 1-2mm. Speaker quality is decent; amplifier quality is better than expected.

#Cyberpunk 2077 !?!?!

This seems like a pretty Cyberpunk way to enjoy '77 :smiley:

Other off-label uses?

The sky is the limit. There are so many “Raspberry Pi” projects out there. In this case I was messing around with using this as a wirleless network vulnerability scanner. Should make for some lively conversation starters next time it’s on the job! haha.

This is Greenbone Network Vulnerability Tool, well, just the web front-end for it. I need to figure out a cleaner way to get at that on the Pi.

With the “normal” HDMI out, this can also be used as a full-fat portable computer.

Full Video Soon!!


Is it touch screen too?

First awesome thing seen, was the Pi-NES case, with them SSD cartridges… But THAT is adorable

nope, no touch

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Steam link on a little device like that. That is freaking sick

That is awesome!

Annnnnnnnnd I’m now $120 poorer.


it just feels cyberpunky checking my wireless printer for exploits from… this… lol


It does seem like an excellent way to do something incognito, yet nefarious without attracting much attention.


Had I known one and a half years ago, my uni project would be a comercial plug and play device, I would have called you crazy.

In related terms: an RPi 0 and 3.5" screen can be made to fit into a GBA case :wink:

That would be incredible. I think I need that. My brother has recased a GBA with a yellow shell and it looks awesome. I would love to rock up with a second GBA seemingly playing Pokémon like his but then drop back to a web browser mid game.

Also would appreciate a PSP one too as that was just an incredible handheld that could do a surprisingly huge amount all by itself.

More on topic: Is there a native build of Steam for the Pi? I would love to set up the Steam input for desktop control using the built in analog stick and buttons. I have that set up using a proper steam controller and it is so nice, would be incredible to have it using the built in controls to do the mouse cursor and basic inputs with the buttons.

wonder if you could build an fpga Dev board for the pi and use hardware accelerated ray tracing, someone did it for the SNES, sort of. (can’t post the link here :frowning_face:

Not a bad looking design for something that is suppose to be a throwback to the old Brick GameBoy. It even has an analog thumb stick.

With Raspberry Pi becomming more popular with gaming, I have to wonder why there aren’t digital services like Steam for Pi and SBC’s?

Also speaking of Raspberry Pi products. The Raspberry Pi 400 looks really nice. Like a modern day microcomputer. I have been thinking about purchasing one for myself.

This is awesome. The six button layout is perfect for something like X-Men Vs Street Fighter.