Custom water cooling the EVGA 3090ti FTW3

Does anyone know of any good water blocks for the EVGA 3090ti FTW3, It takes up a lot of space (4-Slots). What I would like to do is gain some of my PCIE slots back since I Litterally have all but one other covered and would love to do some virtualization stuff with other cards (NIC’s, USB, etc…).

Another question could you get it down to a 2 slot card, The case bracket is 3 slot so probably need a new slot cover if that is possible? Is there anywhere that I could get one?

Get a pcie raiser cable

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Ive thought of that and in the case there is somewhere to do a vertical mount off but the 3 slot bracket will interfere with that plus the cooler with the card still attached will not leave room for any PCIE cards, hence why I was looking into water cooling the card

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Probably only solution would be the ek universal block (gpu die only) not the prettiest but prob only option if you don’t see one