Custom setup & kernel advice needed

after 5 years on linux im still very noob

only learning when i run into an issue or need to know or do something new

fyi update ive gone back to ubuntu 23.10 an installed xanmod 6.6.7 stable along with my control id command line after some bug issues with 22.04.3lts on my lenovo flex 5 (amd version) an so far no more connectivity issues

? is it possible to disable the default kernel an not have it installed or update an only have the system run off an update to the xanmod

my reason for asking is even-tho neofetch show system on the xanmod some thing still clearly use the default when functioning an or updating an when i issue or bug effects the os an or hardware it seem to be because it was tied

to the default kernel rather then the xanmod version ?