Custom Kernel Config

I am trying to find good information for choosing my kernel config options, and it’s been a bit of a nightmare trying to find anything good. I’m starting to get the impression that no one is crazy enough to go through nconfig/menuconfig to optimize the install, (amiga, atari, and dos filesystem support is included in manjaro config)

Being inexperienced I’m having a hard time making good decisions on what I can disable, my first try I used a tool to automatically make a config for modules that were loaded, and I edited it further. It ran, and benchmarked the highest out of my kernels… except the internet no longer worked. :slight_smile:

If there’s any resources I can be pointed to for this or any tips it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my system specs:
Nvidia GTX 1080
Ryzen 3700X
Asrock Taichi X370
Samsung 970 EVO NVME SSD

That’s all the relevant parts I can think of right now

I’m trying out Xanmod and also Liquorix kernels and going to be playing Dota2 and using Jack audio, streaming with OBS, and using Manjaro XFCE 20.2, if anyone has other custom kernel recommendations I’ll be happy to take them, as of right now Xanmod seems to slightly beat Liquorix.

Aside from my kernel woes, I can’t get my graphics drivers to install for all the kernels with sgfxi, every time I switch I need to reinstall them, which is only a slight inconvenience but if it’s fixable I would like to do so.

Start with the config of your current running kernel (Sounds like that is what you did), and get that working first. To do this the easy way, zcat /proc/config.gz > .config. This will ensure that you are actually going through the process correctly and that your current config is reproducable.

Then disable all of the modules that are not loaded on your system and not needed in the future (will you be adding any new hardware in the future and don’t want to have to recompile your kernel?).

There are plenty of resources out there. I would start with My distro’s wiki, guide. but here is the obligatory ArchWiki reference.
This will have you use the non distro specific process. YMMV.

+1 to starting from a distro config.

For manjaro you can for example clone this:

and If it’s sufficiently similar to arch-process then just call ‘makepkg -sr’ next to the PKGBUILD
and you should have a built kernel with a default config. (just to check if everything works)

Next you can modify provided ‘config’ file, update its sha256sum in PKGBUILD and build again. Now you should have a kernel with your custom config.

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This is kinda nice :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this can make some space in your system, but I made this post few years ago.

Post here the link in English due to my mother language is Spanish.

Hope this help you.