Custom i2c output for esphome

Hi gang,

I’ve just started playing with esphome and I want to jump straight into the deep end…

I have some custom built ESP8266 boards that use a NXP PCA9633 led driver to control analog RGBW LED strips. The 9633 is a four channel driver, with 8 bit output for each channel, plus a fifth 8 bit channel to dim the other four.

I wrote an Arduino library to control the chip, and it works for my needs, however I’m completely lost trying to integrate it into esphome. I’m not sure trying to re-use my library is the best approach, as it is very simple compared to the other libraries esphome uses.

Here’s my humble library:

My goal is to use the four channels of the 9633 with the built in RGBW routines of esphome. Any suggestions and guidance is appreciated.