Custom Gaming Chairs, What Are My Options?

Well, the title states it pretty well IMO. I’ve been wanting a gaming chair for my pc setup, just to help “complete it” if you know what I mean. :wink: However, I don’t want just any gaming chair; I’m actually wanting 1 with custom-graphics/artwork since I’m an art lover at heart. But I also would like it to be high-quality like the SecretLab gaming chairs, etc.

I have already tried contacting some of the manufacturers I have found via web searches, but haven’t been able to find someone who does it. :’( And I just really have the feeling that SOMEONE out there does it, I just haven’t found them yet. So I figured, “Hey, I can at least make a post on 1 of the forums asking & see if anyone might be able to steer me in the right direction. You never know until you try, right?”

So, I think I’ll just leave it at that & see if I get any responses. If any of you need more details or feel the need to ask me any other questions about this little personal project of mine, please feel free to do so! I’ll be sure to fill you in! Thanks to anyone here who can help! :smiley:

You might have more success with a two parter approach. No offence intended but unless you are a pewdiepie level personality I don’t think any company will take the time to take a chair off the line and customise it.

Instead it would probably be easier to find a chair you like and then look for embroidery and recovering companies, you the type that do stuff for car seats maybe where they only job is making new seat covers. Send them the gaming chair and then consult and work out what you want/is possible.


Huh. But is embroidery my best option if I want some custom-artwork done? :thinking: And just for clarification: I’m not a streamer or anything like that; I just have a passion for art! :heart:

I did not mean that as your only option just that it is a place to start looking, if they do that they will likely do all sorts of custom material work or at least be able to point you in a direction for it.

I’m gonna be a bit of an asshole right now … but ask anyone here, I’m ok with that role.

If you want something that will make your life at a desk better, buy something like a Steelcase Please or similar quality piece of equipment. If you want something artsy, buy a picture and put it on your wall.

The true master race gaming chair

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These ‘gaming’ chairs that have swept the market are junk for the most part. A used steelcase leap can be had for similar money and is way better.


There is a legit Herman Miller x Logitech Luxury Gaming chair that was just recently announced.

Its a legit office chair (so proper back support and stuff) and a legit gaming chair because its Logitech.

Not too sure on the features. All I am sure is that money is better spent elsewhere (or a second hand Herman Miller chair).

Well, that’s the thing. In the description I clearly stated that I have already tried asking some of these manufacturers if they were able to accommodate me. The ones I have tried said they couldn’t. That’s why I’m asking around to see if there any others out there I might have missed/overlooked that do. Hope this explains myself a little better for you. :slight_smile:

I think he meant for you to find a custom embroidery/reupholstery place and ask them what they would be willing to do to an existing chair. Since you are probably going to want specific art that you choose, then it would probably be a good idea to find an artist first instead of hoping to stumble upon something.

The Idea I had is to go to one of those car decal places. If they can wrap an entire car/truck/van in any image under the sun then it shouldn’t be impossible to do the same for the back of a chair. Custom cloth or leather with artwork may be harder to find. You would need to find an artist that works on with those materials.

The idea above of getting a top notch used chair sounds smart. No point in paying top dollar just to thoroughly revamp the chair anyway.


Hm. I see what you’re saying here. But is the car decal idea or the reupholstery idea either of my best options?

You could go down to the local crafts store and get the materials to do it yourself.

That DID occur to me, but I was never really that great at arts & crafts. That’s why I’d prefer a professional expert do it for me. Lol

My suggestion would be to buy a chair you like and find a local place that can do embroidery and/or screen printing. Make sure they can do what you want on the chair’s material. Note that the more colors you have generally the more expensive it will be. I’m not sure how well an automotive vinyl will stick to things like fake leather.

Many gaming chair brands just grab stuff from the same handful of factories overseas, so the likelihood of getting something custom from the factory I’d wager would be extremely slim unless you intend to buy in sizable quantities.

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Interesting bit of information to add to the topic. Thanks for your advice/tips/suggestions! :+1: Still open to keeping this conversation going if anyone has anything else they would like to add! :slight_smile:

Yeah, to reiterate what’s said above. My place of employment routinely works with a marine upholstery specialist. They’re fast, they’re (as I understand it) cheap, and they’ll embroider anything we ask them to (and I get their tech support calls).

A phone call will get you a quote, and if you’re reupholstering, a used chair is perfect. Worn out fabric and foam may as well get replaced.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest marine vinyl, it just happens to be a cheap option for me. Unless you’re vegan. Then, ask me about Ultraleather.

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Huh. Well, I don’t think I would reupholster a new gaming chair unless I had to or chose to, or something like that. Have you had any experience with the Secret Lab gaming chairs? They’re actually the brand I’m after once I’ll be ready to actually buy a gaming chair that is. [Too bad, they don’t yet do custom art on their chairs…] :sob:

Nah. I’m no help there.

The folks I live with bought those knock-off racing looking chairs, and so far 2 out of 2 have broken inside of nine months. I’m reminded because one is in pieces on the other side of the living room from where I’m at right now. So, uh. Don’t buy those?

Well, the ones you have for sure! LOL But I have heard really great things about SecretLab gaming chairs after looking at reviews & all that. Haven’t yet tried one, but you could say that’s on my bucket list. :wink:

Those do look damn nice. Huh.