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Cursor tends up and left while captured?

While the mouse is captured, everything works well, but when I draw little circles, the cursor moves up and left. It seems like it’s just more sensitive in those directions. The problem isn’t there while not captured, however, there are other issues (sluggish movement, doesn’t seem to be able to reach the whole screen most of the time, finicky in general). The only issue I’m really concerned about is while it is captured, but maybe the other issue is related. This is the last little thing that I haven’t been able to resolve, I’m so close! Any thoughts?


Did you disable windows mouse acceleration? It messes with things when not in capture mode. When in capture mode the mouse movents are sent directly to the guest with no processing, if there is an issue in this mode then you have something wrong with your hardware/mouse or xorg setup. It also could be a SDL2 bug as we rely on SDL for mouse input/move events.

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Mouse acceleration was disabled. I tried with a dinky wireless keyboard/trackpad, and my roommates wireless mouse, they both seemed to work fine. Guess I’m ordering a new mouse! For the record, the old one was a logitech G502. Thanks for the help!

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New mouse is doing the same :frowning:
Coolermaster mm710

I am sorry to say but there is nothing in LG or QEMU that can account for this behaviour, if there is an issue it lies in another component.

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I adjusted the polling on the mouse from 1000Hz to 500Hz to 250Hz and now it works as it should. I feel like I read about that somewhere a while back, and a friend suggested trying it out. What a roller coaster! Thanks for helping out.

edit: at 250 it was still a bit of a problem, 125 seems to work. I noticed that LG is getting 120fps, I wonder if the two are related (frame rate and polling rate)?