Curious if this build would work?

Edit: Decided on a different Mobo


Any suggestions would be super great... Just thought of doing a build like this but I'm not sure if it would all fit and if that included power supply would work? I did try out a power supply calculator and it said id only need 430 watts but I'd just like to be sure; That and I kind of doubt that graphics card will even fit... Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Edit: Also... Should I worry about getting an aftermarket cooler? And if so, would one even fit? 

Any info on the included power supply? Also not sure on graphics card clearance, but I am sure you can get the info for that on the google machine. I would also save a little for a SSD later on, best upgrade you can do IMO.

It should be just fine. The power supply in the hadron is 80+ gold eff. so it should be just fine with what you are doing. 

It's a 500W 80 Plus Gold, non-modular PSU.. That's really all the information you get from details...

The PSU included isn't that bad and generally Intel CPU's aren't power hungry. Asus and MSI both make low-profile versions of the 760:



Well.. my issue would the be price.. the one I chose is only $260 which is honestly cheap as hell in my opinion for that card.. but if they're comparable then sweet.

Hmm...I figured they'd be about the same price, but they're hard to find and quite expensive...I'll keep searching for an equivalent alternative.

Edit: The Hadron Air supports up to 267mm in length, and your card is around 240mm. You're good to go!

Ah alright, sweet! that 27mm though..

Thanks for your help!