CUDA acceleration in Adobe

I know there are much better options to take, but out of sheer curiosity, has anyone used in the past or still uses any 200 series GTX cards for CUDA acceleration in Adobe? I figure in many cases GPU Sniffer would be used, bla bla. I just got a few laying around and as far as the researching I did, the GTX 275 I got for pennies locally is still viable. I wonder what two old GTS 250s would do for me :P I have better hardware than this.. but, I like to tinker :3


So thats that. :D

Adobe-what? :-) In say Photoshop the graphics card acceleration is not used very much outside a few special filters. And Adobe have ditched Cuda for OpenCL for the sake of the latter being an open standard, though Nvidias chip models with a lot of "Cuda cores" are good at OpenCL too.

Derp, yes indeed I should have specified. I was probably drinking :P but I did mean Premiere. And yea they're on openCL now, but since I have so many Geforce cards laying around, I figured I'd put some to use.