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Ctrl + Left Click Issues

I am not sure if this is an issue or a feature I am not using correctly.

I have noticed my left click stop working in looking glass while the mouse is still working. I noticed today it is when I was Ctrl + Left Click in Visual Studio on a class. If it is an issue I can still right click and select go to definition so not a big deal.

I could not find anything in the docs about Ctrl + Left Click, does this start a macro record or something?

No, there are no macros in LG… the only key we bind to is the Scroll Lock key. Sounds more like a key-held issue, please report your LG client and host version, and if you can reliably replicate this issue.

Looking Glass Client and Host (B2-rc4-0-g969effedde)

I am not able to reliably reproduce this. I thought I narrowed it down to a Ctrl + Left Click as I have notice it happen twice after doing that. But today I tried it and the left click continued you to work.

I have lost the left click many times but the mouse movements and keyboard continue to work.

I will continue to investigate what is the cause of this.