CSGO Stuck at loading

My Counter Strike has been crashing since the latest update (3/31/2015)
This is what it looks like on my screen

However when I take a screenshot this is what it looks like

I can sometimes fix it by changing the following values to random numbers.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I can play 3 competetives in a row and then have it not working which results in a cooldown. It's not a hardware problem because every other game I have works flawlessly. Probably just my config CS doesn't like.
My current rig.
Pentium G3258
8Gb ram
64bit Windows 8.1

Check file integrity. A file might have gotten corrupted.

I already tried that. It didn't work. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?

I'm not sure what is wrong. The biggest problem I've had is a long load time when loading the map, for you something is getting stuck along the way, and just sits there. Though the "random numbers" with regards to the GPU settings concerns me, setting those at default, and changing them in game or finding a guide on exactly what they do my be a safer bet.

Most sure fire way might be to delete and reinstall the game. Otherwise, it may be a bug in the new update.

I have deleted the game twice now. It could be the update or it could be steam that is messing something up?

Nope, I'm at a lost. I haven't been able to replicate the problem, not heard anyone else with the same problem. It does feel like a minor bug in the update that might be triggered in your computer somehow.

Reddit might know more...

I got it working. I just deleted everything in the CFG folder. It's still crashing sometimes but at least it doesn't get stuck at the loading screen. There is only 3 days left of my 7 day cooldown luckily.