Csgo not working SOLVED! it's steams fault

sooo worked earlier today. no updates or anything, and whe i turn it on it's not working. the main screen has elements not loading and i cant join a game, not even death match. i restarted the pc and reinstalled the game to no avail. even reinstalled direct x. i checked my internet and ping and steams not being ddos'd or anything. i am probably the only legit player left not in prime, but im legit. no hacks or mods or scripts or anything. any ideas?

specs xeon 1231 v3 and gtx 1070 with 16gb ram and 100mb down 12 up.

tried to verify content?

yes it verified

It's a pretty big issue... MM has been down for most of the day. Top post

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Just tried finding a game. Sever wait was 6 min. No idea if it is related

apparently the leap second @wendell foretold would cause chaos is causing chaos. fucking valve being lazy.

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hahaha i love the title :D

"Time is the biggest issue of our time" - someone I should remember or my father, not sure.