CSGO framelock to 60 in linux?

Testing out games in linux now that the radeon driver isn't absolute trash. CS Source runs 300, top it can go, CSGO though runs at 60 and locks it there. Its not really a problem I am just wondering WHY its locking to 60 and if theres a way to unlock that frame counter.

Stupid question: is v-sync on? I think it's turned on by default.

If v-sync is off as stated by @Jeol, try typing fps_max
into console, do the numbers that come after say 60? If it does set it to 0 or 999.
To enable the console, just in case, go to Game Settings and 'Enable Developer Console'

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v-sync would not go off though, fps is too high. It's probably just the fps_max setting. Usually it's set to 300, which is why CS:S runs at just 300, but most players set it free by setting it to 0 or 1000.

Yeah FPS_max fixed it. Thanks didn't know that was a thing :P