CS:S Spray alterations not showing (Photoshop)

Don’t really know where to put this thread. Gaming, i suppose. It was either that or Software.

I’m hoping someone knows what’s going on with this. So i have an illustration of mine. I have it set as my spray in Counter-Strike Source. I wanted to spruce up my illustration and add more depth by adding shading. So naturally, i just put it through Photoshop and used the Brush tool to add more shading and values. I create a JPEG as my new spray from the working PSD file… only to see that my spray hasn’t changed.

Why doesn’t the shading show up? I really don’t understand how it won’t work. A JPEG is a JPEG. I open it up to view it and it’s just fine. But it doesn’t show up with any of the alterations i’ve made once i’ve sprayed it in-game.

Sorry for all the folks who have no idea wtf i’m talking about or don’t play CS. But this is just so annoying. I hate problems like this! BAH! I also tried making it a Targa with 32bit colours and transparency. Nothing! Bitmap. Nope. WHY?!

If you changed it while in game, you have to reconnect to the server. If you did it outside of game, the game itself keeps a cache of your photo’s. So, a photo replacing a previous that is named the same will get auto deleted in the game cache and the original will still be used.

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WOW… Well, shit. Changing the name then setting it did the trick. Pfft. NEVER would’ve guessed that.

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1.6 and 1.5 were the same. They are all on the same base engine as a matter of fact, its just CSS had some engine updates and visual updates.

Been playing CS for a little while :stuck_out_tongue: (years) I know some of the bugs. :3

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