Cs:GO minimap>Second screen

There's about a 90% chance this is impossible, But does anyone know anyway to get the csgo mini map to take up a secondary monitor?

You could maybe set that screen region to record with some streaming software like OBS, and then set the preview to appear on the other monitor or something. Dunno if latency would be an issue tho.

If you are worried about a performance hit from writing to your hard drive, you could try streaming to a dummy url. Idk if it still uses bandwidth or not at that point. Just have to test it out.

More of a shoddy workaround than an ideal solution, though.

Good idea...maybe I could get a special magnifier software to make the minimap go to my second screen...

it would be a useless due to needing the info immediately. One of the most important aspects of CS is the minimap. You need to get info from it quickly and as soon as it happens. Any lag on it at all will make it useless.