Crysis Help!

Ok, i bought Crysis Warhead like a month and a half ago and played it alot and beat it twice and stopped playing for a while and played Crysis Wars.

Well today i thought i would play some warhead again but when I try to open it up i get this message


I did buy the game and have only installed it once.

Has this happened to anybody else?

Somebody help!

I think you're best luck is to go to the crytek support page

Suckurom strikes again... Stupid

Im glad I bought it on Steam...

ya i buy all my games on steam. much better source for files.

I USED to buy all games on steam.. But they fucked the currency up.

its now GBP instead of USD (for us norweges) and they didnt change the price.



for instance: l4d = 50USD or 50 fraking GBP....

Hijacked thread pretty good there...

just get your self a cracked.exe and bypass all that crap

Two sec, I can get you one.

I see no reason not to, he is being screwed by securom...

EDIT: sorry mate, cant seem to find any Razor1911 exe's without having to download the whole game...

Thanks for looking Green

EDIT: I got a working crackfix, thanks for the help guys