Crysis 3 on GTX Titan

Title says enough right!

Crysis 3 Maxed out on my gtx titan and some TXAA 4x enjoy!



If you give me a compressed video on youtube showing graphical capabilities of a certain video card, i damn well expect to see some info/specs/benchmarks. Cmon man! like this:

Also on a side note, what program is this dude using in the video? dxtory? haha

EDIT: so someone posted a benchmark while I was typing, but I would still like to see it in real time, it's just nice to see it in action, with live data.

I believe it would help alot if you had a frames per second display in your videos

^^ there at the top of the video 


Remove the youtube annotations from the top to see it 

Please excuse my idiocy. I can't believe myself ahahaha great then! 

damn hard to see though

The Titan is a solid card. Good for the mITX system I am planning. It is just a shame it has to be so expensive. However, we may have the cut-down Titan LE coming out soon! Any news on price on benchmarks for said card?

It'll be the 780, and I'm guessing it'll be priced about where the 680 was when it came out (which was about where it is now) plus a little "we released first" premium.

the 780 might and probably be a crippled titan. same GK110core but less shader/cuda cores

I did just find out the news about the LE. Thought I would come back and clear things up. You guys beat me to it. Here is the article anyway:
[br]Excited to see if the refresh will appear in May.


but from the TITAN to the 780 that's a huge price drop for the core itself in a short amount of time.