Crysis 3 Alpha

Did anyone else here get in?  I got my key earlier today :)

So excited to see how it looks!  Hoping it won't give my PC a heart attack though

I did :) Can't wait!

My inbox:


played it, its a bit meh. but then its an early alpha.

plus it beats the shit out of my 580 at "very HIgh" and i bet you crytek will add an extreme/ultra setting to that! 

I got it, it's CoD with nanosuits. I got bored after one round.

It just crashes constantly for me

How does one acquire a key for this game?

It's invite-only for the Alpha. I assume you've had to have bought a Crysis game and have a registered account.

i have all the games and an account :( oh well

I got my key fra AMD, played it abit, but had to turn off the motionblur, becuase with it on I just felt like I got raped by it, it's running nice on my 660Ti

I played it for all about 5 minutes, I should have known things where going to be bad when I was greeted wiht "press enter to start" as expected it is as consolised as usual with pretty much no graphics options, large HUD and narrow FOV. Graphically it is a muddy post effect ridden mess that runs at about 20fps on my 7970 crossfire rig. I thought it was absolute garbage in every possible way. But then again I am abit bias after Crytek killed my baby.

i would have liked to try it, but i have this huge hate towards origin sooooo..... yah...



i get 30/40fps at VERY HIGH with high res textures(i just turn motion blur off)  (1080p) ona  single 580 3gb



tried it, wasnt really impressed.. for me Crysis reamains a good single player game, but not MP..

Key if anyone wants to try it:



I'm gonna see if I can run it on low with my GTX 460. tyvm for the key!

my friend played it at 45FPS @ 1080 with high very high on a i3 2120, 8GB or 2133 ram and a slightly overclocked 560SE



How can they screw that up?

Alpha is about feedback, I gave my feedback,

Besdies, by alpha major technical issues should be resolved internally, making the game, you know, run, is a major technical issue.

Aside from that EA treat there Alphas/Betas as a marketing stratagy rather then to aid in the development process.


I got it too, strangely I got 40 more FPS running it on high instead of very high