Crysis 2 (system requirements)

sorry if it was already posted but here it is the system requirements for Crysis 2 there you have it what do you think...! hope its the official specs.



Huzzah for exceeding requirements.

this is pretty old and i think was posted in the leak thread, it is official to my knowledge

Why is WIndows XP under reccomended? S:

GreenSLi said:

Why is WIndows XP under reccomended? S:

i think because they skipped DX10 i cant find it listed any where and everyone knows XP is just faster than vista and 7 in DX9 games

GTX 260 not even enough to be recommended anymore? I thought this time around, it would be easier to run.

the 4870x2 isn't a dx11 card

Hmm, think an OC GTX295 and 4GHz i7 will do it at highly recommended?

I think the "Highly Recommended" CPU should be an i5, and why do they recommend a 4870x2 when it's not Dx11???

Doesn't the Crysis 2 Demo hit PC tomorrow?


on there recommended shouldn't the resolution be 1920x1080 or 1680x1050 im pretty sure the resolution is rong 1650x1080 just sounds weird.

u can download the multiplayer demo from [u][url=][b]HERE[/b][/url][/u] the size is 1592.84MB

try it out guys see how good it runs on ur system am downloading right now by the time ur reading this ill be already playing it xD

Edit: am still downloading i don't know if this is legit ill report back when its finished.

I just got really excited even though I downloaded the beta. I'm also downloading it Samurai, I got about 13min left. It's downloading at 2MB/s so it's a good server which means it could be legit.


Here's some screens. So far it's pretty fun, though controls feel a little sluggish. Every also feels 'bigger' compared to Crysis 1. Consolized I suppose.


fk it i quit the demo been trying to play for 3 hours now i get nothing but problems and their website takes 500 years to load and after that it times out, unless this demo is country locked or their having problems with the servers i can't log in can't create an account.

am downloading the leaked version at least i want to see how it looks and performs after waiting for this demo

nice screens BTW Mondos :D

Damn you 8800GT.. Well time to upgrade then, need a dx11 card anyways rekekekek.

Mondos, those screens you posted don't look amazingly brilliant :(

my pc might be able to handle it.

Case: Logisys Area 51 Mid-Tower Case

PSU: Eagle Tech 600 Watt PSU

Mobo: Asus M4A77D

CPU: AMD Sempron 140 Sargas 2.7 Ghz CPU @ 3.1 Ghz

CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Duorb CPU Cooler

GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 1GB GDDR3

RAM: 4GB 2X2 PQI 800 MHz Dual Channel Memory

Fan Controller: NZXT Sentry 2

Sound Card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE

2x Logisys 120MM Blue LED Case Fans

1x Logisys 80MM Blue LED Case Fan

1x Regular 80MM Case Fan

Head Set: Sony MDR-XD100

Mouse and Keyboard: Tevion Wireless Multimedia

Monitor: ASUS MS228 21.5 Inch