Crypto bot setup

Looking for help on setting up a Bot from Github
Iv never done this before nor am I a coder

Looks like you just install Python and run the main script there after filling out the config file.

Although if you are looking to trust real-world money to code you didn’t write, from people you don’t know on the internet… well I have this bridge to sell you. I also asked my super fancy AI that has 5 whole commits on GitHub what the market is going to do, and it says BTC will be worth nothing in 10 minutes, so you better sell me everything you got pronto!

For real though, don’t be running random code you find on the internet. Especially if it promises “easy money” and you cannot verify that it wont just take your money and run.


Ah ok , was going to ask if its possible to mod it to trade Doge coin. dismissed the number of comments because of the size of the YT channel

This is just a basic LSTM model as well. I wouldn’t expect it to make any money.