Cryptic DNS behaviour on Windows and Mac


Hey gang,

I’m seeing some really odd network behaviour. My network setup is as follows (abbreviated)

2x ISPs connected to Unifi USG,, with addresses combination of DHCP and static
Pi-Hole running as a local DNS server on Proxmox

On my Windows computer (as well as Mac) I periodically face the following problem: in Chrome a local domain would not resolve (e.g. “printer”) whereas it would work just fine in nslookup or dig command. Periodically printer. - with dot would work in Chrome, but not today.

I set local LAN suffixes in DNS settings of network connection to “.” and “.lan”. I am clearly missing something very fundamental (yes it’s a problem with DNS this time, almost certainly). Any hints?

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As weird d as it may sound, try disabling quic protocol in chrome …


How? And why? And … I’m flabbergasted. Thank you for your help kind sir.


Chrome might try and be smart and use quic in places you would not expect, or simply, being yours local domains it might try to call google services before looking into local stuff (you said dig works, chrome doesn’t)
If you are load balancing over your two wans quic might have issues anyway…
So just try to disable it and see if things improve…