Crowd Sourcing Signal Data

Im not sure if this goes in community I will move it just let me know :slight_smile:

Normally I wouldn't recommend an app but if you don't mind sacrificing not more than 2% a day of your battery life to better the signal maps for cell signal data. Here is an application I have found useful. Yes root metrics uses this data to measure networks I found that out through much Q&A. So if you want to give a little back and possibly help yourself a bit. Download the app. Run it.. go into settings collect a 1000 data points a day.. I've done it along southern Idaho. Heck a couple of my friends showed spots I didn't know cell was at. On Trinity peak LOL.

I am curious what the community here would think about doing so. We are mostly tech geeks and I kind of geek out to this stuff. I noticed another website that uses the data from open signal to provide extensively more information.

Plus I really want a thread where I can share some knowledge so lets see how this goes. If its a big enough question into theory or anything else You can break the thread off into a seperate question but link back to here so we dont flood the forum with questions lol!

If your android contributing on cellmapper is more ideal however you may pick your poison if you so choose to partake

Android OS Link:

IOS Link:

If your feeling up to the more advanced collection: PS if you want to know how to use this interface to view more complicated cellular data or what clarification on what everything means ask away below. I am very knowledgeable on the topic as my degree is in this field of communications engineering. Uhm though I will warn I think Cellmapper needs root privledges so theres a choice for everyone no need to ruin warranties!

PS Cellmapper is better but its android/windows 10M only

CellMapper is a great tool that helped me diagnose my poor cellphone performance ... recommended.

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Its great but more advanced. I reccomend those who wish to simply improve crowd sourced data to go the open signal route

Wait the fuck. I made a dead mega thread? XD oops. Well Heck ill revive it. I know some people on this forum enjoy doing this. I recommend using cellmapper now as its far more advanced

Mods dont lock it lol

This is cool. Sure. Leave it running on my music phone.

Wish I’d seen it!

You can leave both but it sucks some power. Cellmapper is nicer as it gives you far more info about the towers

Its liherally a phone hooked up to speakers thats duct taped to the underside of a table. The screen is unplugged so theres no signal noise from it and it stays plugged in.

I do what I want.

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Okay strong independent awesome sauce

Yeah thats good. Its also primarily intended for an as you go thing to help pin point all the towers in an area with info not easily sourced


Aight. Does it show signal strength? that’d be useful to me living in a river valley.

LOL it shows a ton more than you could ever need aremis up and down frequencies of CDMA… which bands everything. azimuths and coords of the tower and the sector antenna on them

Thats like a tool outta my dreams are you kidding me.

Will hab dig in a bit.