Crossfiring two different cards

I currently am running a single Msi 7950 twin frozer and wanted to upgrade to crossfire set up but with the new situation on cards that has been made difficult. Is it possible to crossfire my current card with a Msi r9 280? My understanding is that they have the same chip and have similar specs 


Is this simply not possible to do? I have been recieving mixed answers so far 

I believe you should be able to. But I don't have any personal experience with it as I just decided to buy a used 7950 instead of a 280 for crossfire.

I (think) you would need to flash one of the cards to match the other , eg : flash te 7950 to r9 280 or vice versa .

The core clocks need to match , but not the vram .

Flashing the cards has nothing to do with Crossfiring two of the same GPU type. As long as they are the same GPU type it will work. The R9 280 is the exact same GPU as the HD 7950 with some power draw and performance tweaks.


AMD plays it fast and loose with multiGPU setups.

Thanks guys! Nice to get a definitive answer!