Crossfire X on a 750w

I need to know if i can run crossfire on thes GPU Sapphire Radion HD 7970 GHz Vapor X 3GB on this PSU XFX ProSeries XXX Edition 750W PSU 80 Plus Bronze.

Thanks for the help :)

No, a 750w PSU is not enough of dual 7970s. You would need at least 850w+ 

+1 dual 7970´s a single 7970 asks a power supply from at least 600W minimum, to let a system work with it, so if you put in 2 in crossfire then i would suggest  take a look at a 900W or a 1000W psu just to be  fully safe.


Ok thanks ;)




you could, but, depending on the rest of your system it may explode. if you use the 750w psu for the gpus only, it'll be good for a couple years

it's only a 250w card

AMD claims that a 7970 card gonne use upto 300W so that would make that in crossfire they gonne use 600, but i saw some tests, where the power consumption of the whole system was over 700W so i would suggest at least 850W or more, like i said  900/1000W to go realy safe