Crossfire with only two 8-pins

I'm looking for a way of using my corsair HX-650 power supply with only two 8 pin pcie connectors to crossfire 7870s. I know you can add loads of molex converters but that is a bit ugly. is there something like a 8pin to dual 6 pin adapter with sleeved cables anywhere. I am also a bit concerned that I may be pulling too much power down one line.

these will do the job if you can get them in your country;

ive used them in the past. good quality. cheap. sayin that though Im sure you could get them off ebay for next to nothing.

Great, this is brilliant, thank you. Could you clarify how the connectors are actually configured. If I started with a 6+2 and went to 2x6 would the +2 actually carry any power? In the best case I would hope to draw as little current from each pin as possible to keep the heat down. just so you know, the 7870 is dual 6-pin.

The +2 remaining is live so yes it will carry power, so down stick a paperclip in there (lolz). It will be fine mate. Heat would only be an issue if you 'y' split the same cable again. Corsair use decent gauge wire so its all good. 

please just get a power supply with the right amount of pci power pins.