Crossfire/SLI, Your Thoughts?

I'd like to hear your opinions on Crossfire/SLI, mainly do you view Crossfire/SLI as something worth doing?

I know the best option is always a single card solution to avoid a game where Crossfire/SLI is either not supported or it just doesn't help. But if someone, like say me had a HD 7950 and a deal came around for the same card at a low price, would you pick one up to Crossfire? This is of course as long and your current configuration could support it, no reason in spending extra money if you could put it towards a single card solution.


I personally plan on picking up another HD 7950 next month when some crazy deals happen, my main reason for this is that I can afford to spend $150ish on another card but not the $400-500+ a 290/290x would cost. The other thing is that the 7950 is still doing well, so even if a game didn't benefit from Crossfire I can just use 1 card for that game.

I think you kind of answered your own question. I would agree that getting a second GPU (if your setup supports it) would be the better option than trying to rebuild an entirely new computer just to get a single GPU setup.This is only my opinion though so take it as you wish.

The only game I can think of that I've played recently that didn't support SLI was rage, otherwise it works pretty well. On low frame rates the micro stutter can be pretty awful though. Grabbing a second card is a good way to go, it's way cheaper than a new card and you're going to get up to a 100% performance increase.

The game doesn't need to support Crossfire. It's a driver feature and not an API thingy. If a game doesn't work with crossfire it's a bug in the driver.